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Download Messenger Hotmail

Hotmail Messenger or formally known as Windows Live Messenger is a free messaging system from Hotmail. You can download messenger Hotmail for free to stay in touch with your friends and co-workers. Here are the links to download Windows Messenger for free. Go to Download page

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Hotmail inbox is not opening

If your Hotmail inbox is not not opening then there are several things that you can check in order to see if there is any problem. First, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer because sometimes some errors appear by the use of other non Microsoft browsers, like Chrome or Firefox. This shouldn’t be […]

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Sharing Files in Hotmail

Exchanging files with Hotmail using attachment can be frustrating if you are dealing with large files. However, there are new services that you can use to share files with Hotmail easily by sharing a link. The recipient will download the files using a private link only available for the recipient. One of these services is […]

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Facebook Firewall

Sometimes when we are at the office our employees are blocking the access to Hotmail and Facebook by using a Firewall. There are ways to access Facebook through a Firewall, for example using a proxy server. These are paid services but you can also find free proxy for Firewall access that give you access to […]

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How to add new address to Hotmail

In Hotmail you can add multiple addresses, you can for example add an alias in Hotmail but also add an address using this approach. Add an email address to your account, and you can use it in your contact information and on your profile. You can also set it to be your preferred address to […]

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Marketing Preferences in Hotmail

Marketing Preferences in Hotmail is a configuration page that lets you to set up the marketing options for Hotmail. By setting the Marketing Preferences in Hotmail you can choose how Hotmail will send you emails to your account. Do not send promotional offers from Windows Live, Bing, or MSN to my email address XXX Do […]

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How to delete a Hotmail account

If you want to close a Hotmail account then you need to follow some steps after login to your account in Hotmail or Windows Live. The first step to delete hotmail account is to sign in Hotmail. Then you need to locate the More Options link under Options popup. Once you click on More Options you […]

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How to Open a Hotmail email account

Opening a Hotmail email account is free and you can open it by signing up in Hotmail.com – Once you create your account you can access your Hotmail inbox to check your email and send new emails to friends and coworkers. We have created a tutorial that explains how to open Hotmail email account. You can […]

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Hotmail.dk: Hotmail from Denmark

Hotmail.dk is the domain used to access Hotmail in Denmark. If you want to login to Hotmail.dk then you need to open Hotmail.dk in your browser and then enter your username and password or Windows Live ID. As you can see, Hotmail have been widely used ccTLD Domains for their country services, and you can […]

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Free Hotmail sign in

We have seen a tutorial about how to get a Free Hotmail account, but this time we’ll explain how to access free Hotmail Sign In to check your inbox and emails. First you need to log in into Hotmail and fill your Windows Live ID login. Then you’ll be prompted to enter your Inbox and […]

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