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How to register Hotmail free

If you want to create your own Hotmail account and want to register Hotmail free then you need to follow the sign up process. This involve the creation of a new Hotmail account and then you will be able to open Hotmail and MSN to stay in touch with your friends and contacts. These resources […]

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Problems with Hotmail

If you are having problems with Hotmail or unable to signin Hotmail then you can try to run several actions. First, run a computer check to search for malware. There are free antivirus that you can download from free applications sites like AVG or Avast. Try to use a different web browser for example if […]

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Social Updates in Hotmail

As you can see in your Hotmail inbox, there is a Social Updates link that will show you all your social updates received from multiple social networks. You might already know that in Hotmail you can connect with your other social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and others and the Social Updates inbox in Hotmail […]

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How to Sign Into Hotmail

If you need to sign into Hotmail then the process is very simple as long as we have the Windows Live ID. This ID is the email address and password that was created when we signed up the first time to Hotmail. If you need information about how to create a free Hotmail account you […]

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Free Hotmail sign in

If you are looking to sign in to Hotmail you should know that this process is free and you can free sign in to your Hotmail account. In order to sign in Hotmail account we’d need to sign in using our Windows Live ID which is the ID created at the time that we created […]

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Hot mail sign up

If you are looking to create a free Hotmail account or Hot mail sign up, then here you can learn how to create your free Hotmail account. First of all you should be aware that this site is just a tutorials site about Hotmail and do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. In order to […]

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Mail2Web is an online service provided by MyHosting that allows you to check any email account in a webmail from any computer, anywhere in the world without registration needed. With this kind of services you can check your POP/IMAP email on the web and the info is private and no registration is required. By using this […]

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Cloud Storage for email attachments in Hotmail

In Hotmail you can also use cloud storage technology to share files online instead of sending large attachments. One of the solutions provided by Microsoft is SkyDrive but you have many other alternatives around for cloud storage. Free online storage can be used for example in Dropbox to share folders online. This tool can simplify […]

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Dropbox for Windows

Dropbox for Windows is a software that you can install in Windows to share files online with Dropbox. You can get drop box for free and start sharing your files from Windows to any other user independent if they are using the same operating system. Once you download Dropbox for Windows from the download page you […]

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