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I am unable to open Hotmail emails

Sometimes it is impossible to open emails in Hotmail due to several reasons. The most common cause of this issue is a problem with your Internet connection, but there are many other reasons that may be affecting the loading of Hotmail inbox. First, you’d need to check that you have been able to sign in […]

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Someone is sending emails from my Hotmail account

Sometimes due to virus or malware in our computer, someone can take control of our Hotmail account and send emails on behalf of us. This is known as impersonating Hotmail but normally is also known as someone as sending emails from my Hotmail account. There are many things we can do to prevent this and fix […]

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I miss some emails from contacts in Hotmail – What can I do?

You may not receive emails from friends and family who you are expecting from. There may exists some reasons but we will try to troubleshoot it here. If you are facing problems receiving emails from your contacts then you’d need to verify that these contacts have not included us in their spam folder or as non […]

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Hotmail server

Microsoft Hotmail do not run in a single Hotmail server, instead Windows Live Mail infrastructure contains lot of different servers worldwide located and in several hosting companies and Microsoft Datacenters. But when we need to configure Hotmail account in Outlook or Windows Mail we need to specify a Hotmail server that allows us to send […]

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How to cancel Hotmail account

If you want to learn how to cancel a Hotmail account here we will show you. Once you Sign In Hotmail you need to open Options page. This is located below your profile name in the top right corner. Then click on Other options, and then look for Managing your account. You will be asked […]

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Hotmail.com vs Hotmail.co.uk

The difference between Hotmail.com vs Hotmail.co.uk is mainly that Hotmail.com is the global domain name while Hotmail.co.uk is intended to be used in United Kingdom. However, you can access either two addresses and these two domain names belongs to Microsoft and Windows Live so you are safe to sign in Hotmail there.

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