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Sharing badge using Messenger Connect Sharing

Messenger Connect Sharing ofrers a badge that you can integrate into your code to allow users to easily share content with their Windows Live friends. This functionality is open to all web sites now. There are two types of content that you can share with Messenger Connect: Article : This will include a page summary containing […]

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Youtube error An Unexpected error occurred. Try again later in Windows Live Movie Maker

In Windows Live Movie Maker sometimes when you try to upload your videos to YouTube after creating a new Youtube account, you may experiment some error messages rather than Invalid Login. A common error that is appearing without a clear reason is the following: After digging in some forums (like in Sorry, an unexpected error […]

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Hotmail for Android Official App

The only official Microsoft mobile app for Hotmail that gives you easy access to Hotmail or open free Hotmail is available for free download from the Android Market. The Hotmail application for Android includes the following features. With push email get messages on your phone without delay using Active Sync Synced calendar and contacts View […]

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How to open my Hotmail

Accessing my Hotmail is one of the most common tasks for Hotmail users. You can access your Hotmail account and open Hotmail to read email. In order to open Hotmail you need to sign in Hotmail and then enter your credentials. The credentials include Windows Live ID and password. Once you open Hotmail you can […]

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Active Sync in Android

Android 2.1+ along with the update to Android 2.1 comes enhanced Exchange ActiveSync support. Active Sync let you synchronize your emails between your mobile devices and online email. This is great for business email users looking for an efficient way to keep emails synchronized in Windows Live or Hotmail. The supported devices for Active Sync […]

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Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is an excellent alternative to online blogging tools that you can download to write blog posts in your favorite blogging platforms. In order to use Windows Live Writer (WLW) you just need to setup your blog, create blog posts, and add photos, videos, and maps to tell your story. Windows Live Writer […]

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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is an email software client that you can download to check and send emails from your computer. This software is part of the Windows Essentials suite of programs and you can download it for free. You can use Windows Live Mail to setup your Hotmail account in your desktop computer or PC. […]

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Create a MSN nickname using bubbles text

Did you know that you can create nice names or nicknames with a bubble style in MSN or Hotmail? Here we will show you how to create nice nick names using bubbles. You need to open bubbleballtext.com  in your browser and then enter the text to convert. This will automatically convert your text to an […]

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Stock market abbreviations for Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the most biggest companies in the stock exchange and maybe you are interested to invest in Microsoft. If you want to know the stock market abbreviation for Microsoft, also known as Microsoft ticker you should know that it is MSFT. You can use money.msn.com to access all the financial information from […]

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How to Sign In Skype

If you are a Skype user then you would like to sign in Skype each time you need to call any contact in your list or start the screen sharing option in Skype, for example to share your PowerPoint presentations using Skype. Here we will show you how to sign in Skype in a few […]

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