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How to save a message in draft folder in Hotmail

Draft folder is a special folder in Hotmail where we can save draft messages. Draft messages can be saved as email templates or just as emails that need to be sent anywhere in the future. In order to save a message to Draft folder, we need to start writing the message as usual and once […]

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Sign In Problems to Hotmail and Windows Live services

Some users may experiment problems signing in to Hotmail and Windows Live services, including MSN Messenger, Windows Live ID account, etc. Here is a troubleshooting guide that you can follow in order to recover the access to your Hotmail account. We encourage you to visit unlock Hotmail account: Restart your computer before making any change […]

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How can I unlock my Hotmail account?

Hotmail accounts can be locked for multiple reasons. One possible reason is due strange activities that are not allowed or forbidden by Hotmail Terms of Use. When Windows Live notices strange activities in your account, the account can be compromised and Hotmail blocks your account. However, you can follow the steps to unlock Hotmail account […]

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Messenger Discovery

Messenger Discovery is the perfect companion for Windows Live Messenger that let you change the design of the Messenger and with a brand spanking new design and a variety of customization options and enhancements. The new addin for Messenger, MessengerDiscovery promises to enrich your Messenger experience and to keep in contact with your friends and […]

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