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How to sign in to MSN Hotmail email

If you need to MSN Hotmail email sign in then you should be aware that the sign in page is accessible at mail.live.com – Previously MSN Hotmail was known as just Hotmail but since a few years ago Microsoft has renamed the service and now it is also known as Windows Live Hotmail. As soon as […]

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How to make a free Hotmail account

This tutorial will help you to make a free Hotmail account. First you need to open www.hotmail.com in your browser or access to mail.live.com We have seen before that creating a free Hotmail account is possible and easy by following the steps specified in How to create a Hotmail account. The steps to make a […]

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Create a Hotmail email account

This article will explain how to create a Hotmail account to get a free email account. First of all you need to open your web browser and open login.live.com and you’ll see a screen like this one: Here you’ll need to click on Signup Button. Sign Up button in this screen allows you to enter […]

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