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Messenger Discovery

Messenger Discovery is the perfect companion for Windows Live Messenger that let you change the design of the Messenger and with a brand spanking new design and a variety of customization options and enhancements. The new addin for Messenger, MessengerDiscovery promises to enrich your Messenger experience and to keep in contact with your friends and […]

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Create a MSN nickname using bubbles text

Did you know that you can create nice names or nicknames with a bubble style in MSN or Hotmail? Here we will show you how to create nice nick names using bubbles. You need to open bubbleballtext.com  in your browser and then enter the text to convert. This will automatically convert your text to an […]

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How to flip text for MSN nick

Did you ever see an inverted text or nick name? You can invert your text by using free tools available online. Create nice nicknames for Messenger and instant messanging including Facebook or even Twitter by using the following free tool. Updown text tool that let you flip text online Flip text tool is a free […]

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Cloud Storage for email attachments in Hotmail

In Hotmail you can also use cloud storage technology to share files online instead of sending large attachments. One of the solutions provided by Microsoft is SkyDrive but you have many other alternatives around for cloud storage. Free online storage can be used for example in Dropbox to share folders online. This tool can simplify […]

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